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Colorado Brewery Running Series

Colorado Brewery Running Series events are 5k-ish, fun-run courses that all start and end at local Colorado breweries. We welcome all runners, walkers, joggers, and spectators that are interested in enjoying the great outdoors and the great craft beer that Colorado has to offer. All of our participants complete a 5k course nearby each brewery. Afterwards, everyone hangs out, drinks beer, and enjoys local live music!


Ale Adventures

Hi! We are Adam and Katie – the instigators behind Ale Adventures.

We like to think that there are two types of beer people — beer snobs and beer enthusiasts. Beer snobs know what they like, only drink what they like and tend to be vocal and adamant about it. Beer enthusiasts, on the other hand, tend to be open-minded, enjoying new brew experiences and appreciating the wide variety of tastes and styles. That’s more our approach — craft beer enthusiasts on a beer adventure writing a craft beer adventure blog.

Why “adventure” you ask? Because to us, this is about more than just what’s in the glass. It’s about finding adventure, trying new things, visiting new places, meeting new people and supporting local, independent businesses. It’s about being part of a fun, exciting, and supportive community that just loves beer.


The Denver Hopper

We don’t take advice from strangers – candy, perhaps, but not something as pertinent as advice. No, when we need knowledge we go to friends, characters, vagrants who swear too much and people with interesting things to say. Here at The Denver Hopper, we don’t seek people who complain or spout drivel when they talk about a brewery, distillery, winery, cider mill or craft cocktail lounge like you might find on Yelp. We want someone who understands the craft scene and is trying to understand life all at the same time. And that is where the idea for The Denver Hopper was born. We want to give you sound advice about where to spend your time and money in the bustling craft-alcohol scene found in Colorado. And maybe get a drink with you. And hopefully, we will see you out there, Denver Hoppers!