What is Hop Passport?

Hop Passport is a craft beverage marketing company that gets people to visit amazing breweries, distilleries, meaderies, and cideries through out the state and surrounding states. We have a paper coupon book and app that we call a passport. At each location you get 50% off your first two drinks.*

We have state physical passports that have a value of up to $1,100 and digital passports that range from the state and regional level to an entire country passport. The Hop Passport is perfect for the person who loves to get out, drink craft beer and support local businesses.

Hop Passport has had over 10,000 satisfied customers in the past 4 years. Many of them buy a passport every year.

“Love the hop passport! Great breweries and easy to use app!” -Aaron

“I ordered a Hoppassport for my dad for Christmas and he was beyond excited. This is great for anyone who enjoys day trips and beer!” -Catie

Building Relationships. Supporting Local Business. Making Memories Worth Repeating.

In everything we do we want to enrich peoples lives. We do that by helping people build relationships, support local businesses and make memories worth repeating.

We happen to be a brewery marketing company.

Start your journey today and start tasting the beers of your state.

Hop Passport