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2023 Brew's Brew

Click on the state below to vote for your favorite locations

We want to highlight the locations in the Hop Passport that not only make an incredible product but also have other great features. Those features could be their patio, hospitality, food, taproom or ect. Who better to shine a light on those features than the people who travel around and visit them. We will open voting at 10am EST on Oct 11th, 2023. Here are the categories below you will be voting on:

  1. Best Patio
  2. Best Tour
  3. Best Events
  4. Best Taproom
  5. Best Hospitality
  6. Most Family Friendly
  7. Most Charitable
  8. Best Food
  9. Most Dog Friendly
  10. Worth the Drive

Each location can only win one category. If a location wins more than one category, the second place location will win the category. 


Rules for voting:

  1. Click on the state below to go to their form to vote
  2. Vote for one location per category. There are 10 categories
  3. Each person will be allowed one vote per state
  4. There will be a giveaway on 10/13
  5. To enter giveaway, vote for the Brew’s Brew in a state. Each different state submission is an entry into the giveaway.
  6. Share this with your friends so they can enter the giveaway and they can help your favorite brewery win the Brew’s Brew.


To enter the giveaway, vote in the Brew’s Brew in your state. If you vote more than once, those votes will be omitted from the giveaway. To get more entries into the giveaway, vote in the Brew’s Brew in other states. The maximum amount of entires is 29.


One lucky winner will receive:

  1. 2024 Digital Hop Passport
  2. Hop Passport Sili Pint
  3. Hop Passport Bottle Opener
  4. Hop Passport T-shirt
  5. A 2024 state Hop Passport of your choice


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