How It Works

Once you purchase your Hop Passport the next step is to go out and get stamps. Here are the steps to get the most out of your passport.

  1. Go to a featured brewery/taproom in your Hop Passport.

  2. Turn to the brewery’s page in the passport (or page in the app) and give it to the beertender.

  3. The beertender will stamp your passport to mark it redeemed.

  4. You will then receive your beer special (depending on the state, your first two beers are 50% off or buy one get one free. Either way if a beer is $6, you are getting 2 beers for $6.)

  5. Take a picture with your stamped page and post it to social media and use the #hoppassport (optional)

  6. Refer back to step 1

The beer special is good one time per location. Once the page is stamped, it is redeemed. The 2021 passports expire Dec. 31st 2021. Have fun and explore the breweries and places in your state. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the passport good for?

    • The passport is valid for the calendar year. If you own the 2021 passport, it is valid until Dec. 31, 2021.

  • Can I go to the same location multiple times?

    • We hope you visit all the locations multiple times, BUT you can only get ONE stamp per location.

  • I bought the physical passport, can I transfer it to the digital passport?

    • The digital and physical passport are separate. We can not transfer them from one to the other.

  • Can I share the passport?

    • Yes, you may share the passport with a friend or loved one.

  • If there is an act of nature, can we use the passport into the next year?

    • The breweries sign an agreement to honor it for the calendar year. Unfortunately, we cannot break the agreement.

  • How much should I tip when I get a stamp?

    • Industry standard is $1 per beer, but we encourage $2 per beer.

Hop Passport